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Blazin’ Hydrographics Officially Licensed For Custom Firearm Printing

We, at Blazin’ Hydrographics, are excited to officially add new custom printing options for firearms! Blazin’ Hydrographics has recently obtained a Federal Firearms License, allowing us to legally work with guns and ammunitions. Bring in your gun and choose from any of our range of patterns — from camouflage and wood to carbon fiber and more — to give your firearm a custom, personalized look.

Blazin’ Hydrographics uses a water transfer printing process, also known as hydrographics, to apply a durable, custom print or graphic on almost any surface. A safe printing option for your firearm, water transfer printing is a process in which we “dip” a waterproof material into a tank to apply a high-quality, flawless customized pattern or graphic.

Interested in getting a custom graphic applied to your firearm? Check out our photo gallery to see what we’ve been doing with firearms lately or contact us for more information.

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